Mule trekking in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains

In May and September this year, I’ll be guiding/tour leading two 8-day mule treks in Morocco’s stunning Atlas Mountains.

Climbing (or rather trekking to the top of) Mount Toubkal (4.168 m) – the highest mountain in North Africa – is just one of a series of  highlights on the trip. More info on the trip here.

I did the trek last year, too, I whole-heartedly recommend it, and I’m really thrilled to be going back to Morocco twice later this year. Good news is that you can come along!

Again, the good people at Vagabond Tours will be pulling the strings behind the scenes.

Below you can see a fairly random mix of photos from the mule trek last year (go full-screen, yes):


Here’s a little review of the trip (in Danish):

Skærmbillede 2015-02-16 kl. 20.18.37

Feeling inspired? Then I hope to see you in Morocco… :-)

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