Around Iceland by Bike (June 2017)

Below the photo album is the stats of my recent solo bike journey around magnificent Iceland…

Around Iceland by Bike 2017 (selected)

Most beautiful cycling: Southern West Fjords (Route 60), East Fjords (Routes 92/96 SE of Egilsstaðir), south-east Iceland between Djúpivogur and Höfn (Route 1).

Longest distance without shower: 650 km

Numbers of hot showers on Iceland: 5 (Flókalundur, Blöndous, Akureyri, Egilsstaðir, Grindavik)

Number of times I was outrun by a band of horses: 1 (near Gullfoss. 67 horses strong)

Average bed time: 10 PM-ish

Average wake-up time: 6 AM-ish

Most daylight hours pr. day: Officially 22. Practically 24 (Akureyri, northern Iceland)

Number of ATM cash withdrawals: Zero (Visa is my friend)

Number of days in Iceland until I saw local cash: 10

Territorial/angry farmers met while wild camping: 1 (south of Reykjahlíð, Mývatn region)

Snickers eaten: 9

Number of kilos lost on Iceland: 3

Crashes on bike: Zero

Max. speed: 71 km/h (gravel road downhill on Route 60, West Fjords)

Average speed touring on Iceland: 15-17 km/h (yes, it’s windy up there!)

Weirdest geo-thermal abracadabra hotspot: Hverir, east of Mývatn

Pairs of footwear used: 1 (Salming Trail Running Shoe)

Favorite map app: (for iPhone)

Total distance cycled: 1.901

Distance on gravel roads: Around 70 km (= 4% of total distance)

Hours in the saddle: 102

Drops of wine (red/white/rosé) consumed: Zero

Liters of beer (light, 2.2% ALC) consumed: 3.5 L

Avg. distance pr. day: 106 km

Price of return flight Copenhagen-Keflavik (WOW Air, incl. bike and luggage): 322 €

Favourite camp food: Dolmio pasta sauce with canned corn, bread, and Viking Light Beer

Total distance bike touring the world: 92.000 km

Number of countries visited by two-wheeled transport: 77 

Number of countries visited: 115

Advice most often told by locals: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait for 5/10/30 minutes”. Bullocks!

Weight, Koga Signature bike: 17 kg

Weight, luggage: 18 kg

Lowest temp.: 1 degree C (Akureyri)

Highest temp.: 12 degrees C (Keflavik, on departure day)

Nights in tent: 17 (out of 19)

Nights on official camping grounds: 12 (of which 4 were free)

Nights wild camping: 5

Nights in hostels: 2 (Akureyri)

Longest cycling day: 167 km (from Akureyri to Egilsstaðir, Northern Iceland)

Best wild camping spot: Next to church in Staðarflöt, northern Iceland.

Most crazy tailwind: From Kirkjubæjarklaustur to Vík, southern Iceland. 40 km/h was easily averaged.

Most crazy headwind: From Reykjavik to Borgarnes. From Staður to Blönduos. Along the fjord Berufjörður towards Djúpivogur. Oh, the list goes on…

Vertical meters climbed: 15.100

Flat tyres: Zero (thanks, Schwalbe Marathon Plus!)

Mechanical break-downs: Zero

Age of my beloved tent: 11 years (Exped Vela I Extrem)

Sunshine days (total): 1.2 days (= a few hours here and there. That was it)

Number of snow storms: 1 (on 350 m pass between Blönduos and Varmahlíð)

Cycling days: 18 (out of 19)

Non-cycling days: 1 (day 8, Akureyri)

Number of (full) cycling days without gloves: Zero

Fans met in Iceland: 1 (Rodrigo Louzeiro from Portugal)

Money spent on food: 268 € (14 €/day)

Money spent on accommodation: 175 € (9 €/day)

Money spent on accommodation and food: 443 € (23 €/day). Iceland on the cheap!

Photos taken: 1.556

Camera used: iPhone 6S

Numbers of meals in restaurants: 1 (Thai food in Akureyri)

Favorite Icelandic supermarket chain: Bonus

Biggest concern: Keeping toes and fingers from freezing (off 🙂 )

Highest altitude: 600 m.a.s. (between Akureyri and Egilsstaðir)

Period touring: May 31st – June 19th, 2017.

Iceland as a cycling destination, overall rating: 9 (of 10)


Around Iceland by Bike 2017 (selected)