The Bali-Beijing Expedition 2012-2013

The Bali – Beijing Bicycle Expedition – a 10.000 km journey split into 7 stages through Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and China. The expedition was designed and led by me, in cooporation with the Danish travel agency Jysk Rejsebureau. A total of 84 cyclists/guests joined the expedition which was the longest commercial bike journey in Danish history.

Photo Album – Stage 1: Bali-Jakarta (Indonesia)

Photo Album – Stage 2: Singapore-Surat Thani (Thailand)

Photo Album – Stage 3: Surat Thani – Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Photo Album – Stage 4: Chiang Mai (Thailand) – Kunming (China)

Photo Album – Stage 5: Kunming – Chengdu (China)

Photo Album – Stage 6: Chengdu – Xi’an (China)

Photo Album – Stage 7: Xi’an – Beijing (China)

Bali-Beijing-reportage i Jyllands-Posten