First stage of the Bali-Beijing Expedition

From November 1, 2012 to April 19, 2013 I’ll be leading a bicycle expedition from Bali, Indonesia to Beijing, China. The 10.000 km expedition is divided into 7 stages, each of 23-27 days. Support vehicle available. Hotel accommodation (no camping). Max. 20 people pr. stage.

Stage 1: Bali-Jakarta (Indonesia) – Beginning November 1, 2012
Stage 2: Singapore-Surathani (Thailand)
Stage 3: Surathani-Chiang Mai (Thailand)
Stage 4: Chiang Mai-Kunming (China)
Stage 5: Kunming-Chengdu (China)
Stage 6: Chengdu-Xi’an (China)
Stage 7: Xi’an-Beijing (China) – Finishing April 19, 2013

Apart from the start/end points of each stage, the route is flexible – just one of the charms of bicycle touring in my eyes.
I rode the Jakarta-Bali stretch back in 2007 on my RTW bike trip – and I’m looking very much forward revisiting that beautiful region and sharing the wonders of Java with other people.

Calling me excited about the project is no exaggeration.

This is what the first stage might look like:

Vis stort kort

For more info about the expedition, booking etc. please contact Jysk Rejsebureau (travel agency) with whom I’ll proudly be doing this trip…

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