Flashback 2018: Cape Verde by Kick Scooter

In November 2018 I went to Cape Verde with my kick scooter and for 14 days I journeyed around the verdant and stunningly beautiful archipelago off the coast of West Africa.

Wild camping on Fogo Island.

Below is 1) a day-to-day desciption of the trip, 2) my subjective rating of the 5 visited islands in Cape Verde, 3) a visual mini-movie, and 4) a standard photo album with my personal favorites.

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Visual mini-movie

Photo album below (navigate with right/left arrows on photo album)

Best of Cape Verde 2018

I visited these islands in Cape Verde. Rated from 1 ?to 10 ?(and number of nights on the island in parenthesis), here goes:

Sal (3): Nature: 4. Culture: 2. Overall: 5
Fogo (2): Nature: 9. Culture: 8. Overall: 9
Santiago (4): Nat.: 7. Culture: 9. Overall: 7
S. Vicente (2): Nat.: 5. Culture: 8. Overall: 6
S. Antão (3): Nat.: 10. Culture: 9. Overall: 10