Ireland by Bike – the indispensable stats



Most beautiful cycling: R574 (Healy Pass), R335 (Killary Fjord), Sky Road Loop (Connemara), R115 (Wicklow Mountains).

Longest distance without shower: 520 km (from Galway -> Belfast). Stinky boy, yes, indeed!

Total distance cycled: 1.402 km

Avg. distance pr. day: 117 km

Air ticket Copenhagen-Dublin – two-way with Norwegian (+bike): 120 EUR (80 EUR)

Money spent on food/drinks/accommodation: 427 EUR (28.50 EUR/day)

Favourite camp food: Batchelor’s Chili Beans (canned)

Worst food served: 3.00 £ egg burger, Edfield Take-away (should be: Stay-away), Fivemiletown, N. Ireland.

Best food served: Thai Garden Restaurant, Galway

Total distance bike touring the world: 83.300

Number of countries visited by bike: 64 (6 continents)

Number of countries visited: 92

Advice most often told by locals: “If you don’t like the Irish weather, wait for 10/20/30 minutes”

Weight, Koga Signature bike: 17 kg

Weight, luggage: 25 kg

Lowest temp.: -3.4 degrees C (near Curry, Co. Sligo)

Highest temp.: 20.5 degrees C (Kinsale, Co. Cork)

Nights in tent: 9

Nights in hotel/hostels: 1/5

Longest cycling day: 179 km (from Moylough, Irl. -> Dungannon, N. Irl)

Best wild camping spot: Tip of Sky Road Loop, Connemara. E of Bunmahon, Co. Waterford.

 Vertical meters climbed: 12.161 m

Flat tyres: Zero (thanks again, Schwalbe!)

Mechanical break-downs: Zero

Age of my beloved tent (Exped I Extrem): 9 years

Sunshine days: 11 out of 14 (Bravo, Éire!)

Cycling days: 12

Non-cycling days: 1 (day 9, Galway)

Photos taken: 1.285

Camera used: iPhone 6

Biggest concern: Running out of battery on iPhone.

Highest pass: Healy’s Pass, 320 m.a.s.

Ireland as a cycling destination, overall rating: 9 (of 10)

(There you go. That’s it)


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  1. Hey Nicolai! great trip amazing photos, as always following you ever since Worldtravellers. Again changing my view from the so call “bad weather-Ireland”. I am surprise to know that you only took the iphone, yet the pics just look amazing. One question (if I may) I see you got quite some luggage, I remember when you went to Oman and only took 3 bags, was it because of winter gear?. Anyway, nice to see you on the road 🙂


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