Walking Across Corsica

In August 2016 I spent a week walking across the spectacularly scenic French Mediterranean island of Corsica. Below is a visual rundown of the walk.

I followed the infamous GR20 – occasionally dubbed as one of the most beautiful and toughest long-distance treks around – from the starting point (the town of Calenzana in the north-west of the island) to the end point (the town of Bavella in the south-east).

The total length of the trek is around 170-180 km (route variations available en route), and it’s divided into 15 day-stages. The entire walk is very beautiful, challenging, and mountaneous, and apart from a few settlements (and a chalet style wooden house at the end of each stage/etape where food/drinks/accommodation/camping is available) you hardly see any cars/roads/towns/signs of civilization. It’s all very quiet and serene.


As I had only 6.5 days on the island – and because I was eager to see it all and just couldn’t restrain myself – I had to speed things up a bit and do 2-3 stages every day, which – naturally – made the trek even more fun 😛

To spice up those 170 horizontal km, the route crossed several mountain passes above 2.000 m, a total of 15.000 m uphill.

I camped all nights. My Osprey backpack weighed around 10 kg, incl. camping equipment, clothes etc.

More info on the GR20 here and here.

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