Around Corsica by Bike 2018 (visuals)

In June 2018 I went to Corsica in the Mediterranean, rented a bicycle and cycled around the island.
It was a stunning fortnight on one of my favourite islands in the world.

Below is a visual rundown of the anti-clockwise journey around the island (navigate via right/left arrows or click here to see the album on Flickr)

Best of Corsica 2018

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Random stats of the trip:
Total distance: 1.002 km
Uphill: 14.273 vertical meter
Flat tyres: 0
Cycling days: 12
Nights in tent: 12 (of 14) (6 guerilla style)
Luggage weight: 13 kg (all incl.)
Standard camp food: Baguette, tomatoes, corn, yoghurt, oatmeal, canned ravioli, dates, cheese, ham, bananas.
Favorite Corsican beer: Pietra Ambre
General price level: Moderately expensive
Overall rating as cycling destination: 10/10