Quick thoughts from Doha, Qatar…

Doha Int’l Airport, Qatar.

It’s been some emotionally challenging last couple of days. Shutting down my home and life in Denmark and at the same time opening up for a new life abroad: preparing – practically and mentally – for the upcoming adventure, getting organized with everyone and everything, having a memorable goodbye dinner with friends, and saying goodbye to the loved-ones.

The tender tenderloin...

The goodbye part always hits me harder than expected. I’ve tried it before, and the old saying that “practice makes perfect” obviously doesn’t fit in here.

Goodbye dinner for friends, Saturday 17th of October 2012.

Leaving Copenhagen Airport, Denmark.

It’s exciting, sad, joyful, intense, overwhelming and – most of all – it tells me that I’m alive, that the people around me matter, that something big is at stake – and that this Bali-Beijing Bicycle Adventure is going to be the hell of a journey!

Doha International Airport, Qatar.

The first stage of the Copenhagen-Doha/Qatar-Singapore-Denpasar/Bali trip is behind me. 8 hours sit down time in Doha before my night flight to Singapore and then Bali where I’ll arrive tomorrow evening, Balinese time. Hopefully the bike box + stuff will make it unscathed all the way.