Bali test ride – now with GPS!

I recently bought myself a Garmin Edge 800 bicycle GPS. It’s a great piece of technology and I feel we’ll soon make a really great duo. Being a complete rookie in the world of GPS, learning all the nooks and crannies of the little gadget is a bit steep, but I’m getting there. And all I can say is that I totally LOVE this baby.

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Who says navigating with a GPS is boring?

Yesterday, I went for a little ride around south Bali, the goal being the Uluwatu temple on the southwest side of the little Bukit peninsula where I’m staying this week, in Nusa Dua on the east coast. A fine little spin through some of the charming villages that dot the island.

The Uluwatu Temple, Bali

Have a look at how the ride went along. Click “View full route” (top left) to see more details. On the page that opens, you may want to click “Expand graphs” (bottom left) to get all the juicy details, like temperature, steepness of roads, max. speed, etc. It’s all new to me. It’s all very exciting.

At some point, the GPS read a whopping 22% grade going up a short, steep minor road. It doesn’t figure in the stats. But believe me it was steep in the afternoon heat, 34 degrees C!


Good, strong wifi-connections allowing, I’ll try and keep you posted with new track as the bicycle expedition Bali-Beijing moves along.

Some roads are steeper than others...

The rugged coastline at the Uluwatu Temple...

Cute 'n cheeky


Monkey gone to consumer heaven!

I like monkeys.