The beast

I’ve got a lot of new bells and whistles on my Koga bike. On Flickr I’ve uploaded a photo including some interactive (kind of) notes with details about the specific gadgets and show-off stuff on the handle bar. I’m quite pleased with the set-up…

Just click on the photos below and let the cursor guide your around the photos to get text pop-ups.


It looks fairly complex seen from the side, doesn’t it…


13 thoughts on “The beast

  1. Hi Peter. Thanks. No, the Klick-Fix systems work with just a…click. You just push two buttons on the adaptor and off the iPhone goes…Yeah, even here on Bali the gadgety bike gets a decent amount of (unwanted) attention, but that’s how it is, I guess…

  2. Looking good! Funny, I just finished mounting those same handlebars on my Worldtraveller29.
    I see you got the E-Werk mounted, just keep in mind that the USB-plug connection thingy isn’t waterproof as the rest of the connections are, so it may need a bit of extra protection.

    Thank you again for a great presentation at Espergærde Bibliotek earlier this month.

    Have a great trip!

  3. Rob! Long time. Good to hear from you.

    The handlebars are designed by Koga in Holland. I’m not sure they are available anymore on their bikes, but yes, they are kind of aero-bar-type things, I’d say. I seem to have too many gadgets on the bars for being able to use them properly, though… 🙂

    Hope all’s still good with you and Haidee in Japan. Crazy, it’s more than 6 years ago that we met just outside of Osh, Kirgyzstan.

    All the best, Nicolai

  4. Ah, I missed your reply…I hope the aerodynamics are helping 🙂

    Japan is good…busy, doing the Masters degree…no small amount of envy seeing you on the road again 😉

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