Around Iceland by Bike (June 2017)

Below the photo album is the stats of my recent solo bike journey around magnificent Iceland…

Most beautiful cycling: Southern West Fjords (Route 60), East Fjords (Routes 92/96 SE of Egilsstaðir), south-east Iceland between Djúpivogur and Höfn (Route 1).

Longest distance without shower: 650 km

Numbers of hot [læs mere…]

NEW ADVENTURE: Journey to Odessa2000

Yeah, it’s time to hit the roads again. Check out this little teaser!

Visual highlights from South America...

Here’s a visual 5-minute run-down of my 3 months in South America, from late November 2016 to late February 2017.

Breathe in, volume up, 1080p HD on, and we’re good to go…

JYLLANDS-POSTEN: Around the Caribbean by Kick Scooter

In January 2017, the national newspaper ‘Jyllands-Posten’ featured an article (in Danish) about my journey around the Caribbean by kick scooter in November-December 2015.

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3 months in South America

COUNTDOWN IS OVER! I’ve left Denmark, friends, and winter behind. In Milan now (2 days), and tomorrow I’m headed for South America for the next 3 months. This little video (link below – HD a must) roughly shows the idea behind this winters’ grand journey…

See video here!

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Article in the outdoor magazine WIDE

Back in March 2016 there was an article in the Danish outdoor magazine WIDE about my journey around the Caribbean by kick scooter. I did a little blah-blah-promo on Facebook about it then, but in case you 1) happen to read Danish, and 2) missed it, you might want to have a little peek here:

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NEW VIDEO: Around Southern Africa by Bike (part 2/2)

This is the second (of 2) video diary installment from my solo bicycle expedition around southern Africa, 5.000 km and 85 days.

This video – until now unpublished – is from the last part of the journey through Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, and eastern South Africa…

Make sure to watch it in HD1080, [læs mere…]

NEW VIDEO: Around Southern Africa by Bike (part 1/2)

In 2011-2012 I cycled 5.000 km and 85 days solo around southern Africa – through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Lesotho.

This video – in HD1080 and with English subtitles – is from the first part of the journey through western South Africa and Namibia…

You can see a few photos [læs mere…]

Walking Across Corsica

In August 2016 I spent a week walking across the spectacularly scenic French Mediterranean island of Corsica. Below is a visual rundown of the walk.

I followed the infamous GR20 – occasionally dubbed as one of the most beautiful and toughest long-distance treks around – from the starting point (the town of Calenzana in the [læs mere…]

The best bike touring destinations...

Need inspiration for your next bicycle adventure? This may be what you need… [læs mere…]

Interview on TV Bella (part 2/2)

This is the second and last part of an interview I did a few weeks back for TV-Bella, a Copenhagen-based, independent, and non-commercial local tv-station. It’s in Danish. HD recommended.

Hostess: Mikie Breum

Wicked Game - a cover of an old classic...

Together with my good friend, Mikkel, I’ve made a cover version of this 1989-classic by Chris Isaak.

It’s a one-take recording at home in my apartment. It was great fun!

PS. Helena Christensen (feat. the original music video) was busy that day, so you’ll have to imagine that part 🙂

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Interview on TV Bella (part 1/2)

This is the first (of two) part of an interview I did a few weeks back for TV-Bella, a Copenhagen-based, independent, and non-commercial local tv-station. Part 2 was broadcasted yesterday and will pop up on Youtube and here on my site shortly…

And yes, it’s all in Danish. HD recommended.

Hostess: Mikie Breum

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Interview on Radio24syv

En eventyrer med handlekraft. Uddannet antropolog som har cyklet jorden rundt på 4 år. Et skønt og reflekteret menneske jeg kunne tale med i dagevis!

Sådan præsenterede radiovært Michelle Hviid vores snak i programmet Hviids Varmestue, som jeg var inviteret indenfor hos fredag den 11. marts 2016. Udsendelsen blev sendt dagen efter.

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As far as I remember, I never had a kick scooter as a kid. It never bothered me. I had my purple/red 3-speed second-hand bicycle. But a few months ago – at the age of 39 – I bought myself an adult-sized kick scooter, and started planning my next expedition.

The Caribbean region had been [læs mere…]


Det nye foredrag fra min løbehjulsrejse rundt i Caribien er klart!

Så hvis du er interesseret i at arrangere et foredrag (til virksomheden, klubben, foreningen, institutionen, familiefesten, højskolen, ældrecenteret, biblioteket mm.), er du meget velkommen til at kontakte mig. Jeg har modtagelig for bookinger for sæsonen 2016-2017… 🙂

[læs mere…]


Man skal som bekendt ikke være bleg for at gentage en succes, og derfor har jeg sammen med Jysk Rejsebureau valgt at sætte en ny cykelrejse til Bali & Lombok på plakaten. Det foregår til september 2016. Jeg glæder mig allerede voldsomt til et indonesisk gensyn og til at tage en flok dejlige mennesker med [læs mere…]

Cykelrejse til Sri Lanka i foråret 2016

Jeg var sidste år (april 2014) på Sri Lanka, hvor jeg over et par uger cyklede 1.000 km rundt på øen på min racercykel – med kun 8 kg bagage.

Sri Lanka charmerede sig øjeblikkeligt ind på mig – og jeg glæder mig personligt enormt til at tage på opdagelse på øen igen i [læs mere…]

Running Sicily - a short movie

I’ve made a little video from my running trip to Sicily. It’s short (2’29”), the soundtrack is tacky, and it’s all made on my iPhone…

English subtitles available. HD is a must.

– 0 fixed plans – 1 pair of running shoes – 2 shirts – 4 kg of luggage – 5 marathons in 5 [læs mere…]

Eastern Winter - a new mini video from Jordan & Myanmar

Last winter (NOV2014-FEB2015) I spent 3 months traveling in Israel, Jordan, Myanmar, and Thailand.

For a change, I left my favourite gadgets (bike and SLR camera) at home, and travelled by bus, train, rental bike, plane, scooter, boat, and on foot – and documented it all using only my iPhone6 (pictures and video).

Overall, the [læs mere…]

Interview for Radio Playback

I’ve made an interview for Radio Playback (spoiler alert: It includes talk about my love for bike touring).

It’s a long one. 75 minutes.

The action (it’s all in Danish, unfortunately) starts after 10 min.

I got to pick the music…


[læs mere…]

Ireland by Bike - the stats

Most beautiful cycling: R574 (Healy Pass), R335 (Killary Fjord), Sky Road Loop (Connemara), R115 (Wicklow Mountains).

Longest distance without shower: 520 km (from Galway -> Belfast). Stinky boy, yes, indeed!

Total distance cycled: 1.402 km

Avg. distance pr. day: 117 [læs mere…]

Ireland by Bike - Route Map

Here’s an interactive route map of my 1.400 km solo bike ride around Ireland. I started the journey in Dublin, Ireland (April 16, 2015) and finished in Belfast, Northern Ireland (April 28, 2015). 12 cycling days (avg. 117 km/day). 1 rest day (in Galway).

Photos and short daily reports can be found on my [læs mere…]

Mule trekking in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains

In May and September this year, I’ll be guiding/tour leading two 8-day mule treks in Morocco’s stunning Atlas Mountains.

Climbing (or rather trekking to the top of) Mount Toubkal (4.168 m) – the highest mountain in North Africa – is just one of a series of highlights on the trip. More info on the trip [læs mere…]

Skal du med på cykelrejse?

Jeg har glædet mig meget til at præsentere denne nye cykelrejse til Bali & Lombok, som jeg har lavet sammen med de gode folk i Jysk Rejsebureau.

Det kribler allerede i benene, det rumler i maven og jeg har – med en slet skjult fynsk beskedenhed – svært ved at se, at det [læs mere…]

Interview på bloggen CYKELVALG.DK

Jeg er blevet stillet en række spørgsmål i forbindelse med min jordomrejse på cykel. Det drejer sig bl.a. om udlængsel & ligusterhække, om kalorier, om livets styrmænd, om økonomi & peanutbutter…

Du kan læse interviewet her!

Adios Sri Lanka

Day 14 – 09APR2014: Mt. Lavinia (Colombo) -> Negombo (airport)

Distance: 93 km Time on bike: 6h 49m Avg. speed : 13.7 km/h Total (km) : 1.034 Altitude: 2 m

Had a pretty bad night at the hooker hotel. No sudden midnight hooker calls or anything, just too hot (no fan), too many mosquitoes. [læs mere…]

The Day That Ended In a Hooker Hotel

Day 13 – 08APR2014: Unawatuna -> Mt. Lavinia (Colombo)

Distance: 120 km Time on bike: 5h 41m Avg. speed : 21.0 km/h Total (km) : 941

I made it to Galle this morning. A cultural highlight on most peoples’ Sri Lankan itineraries. After cycling along all those semi-deserted beaches and in the rugged mountains [læs mere…]


Day 12 – 07APR2014: Mirissa -> Unawatuna

Distance: 31 km Time on bike: 1h 30m Avg. speed : 20.9 km/h Total (km) : 821 Altitude: 2 m

Looking at the beach shots below, you’d be forgiven thinking that this is a collection of some of the best beaches I saw during my 2 weeks in [læs mere…]

2014 minus 1976 equals 38

Day 11 – 06APR2014: Mirissa

Distance, cycling: 0 km Distance, running: 16 km.

I’ve tried it before. More often than not in my adult life. Not being home for my birthday. Not a big deal. As long as the sun’s shining, I’m happy.

Chilling on the beach, eating, checking B-day wishes on mobile, afternoon [læs mere…]

A Tropical Beach Feast

Day 10 – 05APR2014: Tangalle -> Mirissa

Distance: 56 km Time on bike: 2h 51m Avg. speed : 19.5 km/h Total (km) : 790 Altitude: 2 m

I’m in for a tropical beach treat today. Sri Lanka reveals yet another side of its split personality. And it’s hard not to be impressed by the beauty [læs mere…]

The Fishermen of Tangalle

Day 9 – 04APR2014: Tangalle

Distance cycling: 0 km Distance walking: 10 km Distance running: 6 km

This is my bungalow for 2 nights. It has no A/C, but an old floor fan that makes the night heat bearable.

No biking today. Bum’s pleased. But legs get restless, so I go for a long [læs mere…]

The Day I Was Blocked by an Elephant

Day 8 – 03APR2014: Ella -> Tangalle

Distance: 189 km Time on bike: 7h 7m Avg. speed : 26.5 km/h Total (km) : 734 Metres up: 531 Metres down: 1.549 Altitude: 2 m

Breakfast (toast+jam, mixed fruit juice, coffee+milk), served by my lovely host Usuma at the Nature Resort Guesthouse in Ella.

Time to [læs mere…]

Daytripping in the High Country

Day 7 – 02APR2014: (Daytrip) Ella -> Haputale -> Welimada -> Bandarawela -> Ella

Distance: 79 km Time on bike: 4h 7m Avg. speed : 19.1 km/h Total (km) : 535 Metres up: 1.525 Metres down: 1.525 Altitude: 1.030 m

Words cannot describe the splendor of the impromptu daytrip in the high country ride around [læs mere…]

Ella & Little Adam's Peak

Day 6 – 01APR2014: Badulla -> Ella

Distance: 20 km Time on bike: 1h 8m Avg. speed : 17.5 km/h Total (km) : 456 Altitude: 1.030 m

Before leaving Badulla this morning, I visit the Muthiyangana Temple right in the centre of town. Over the years I’ve probably seen 100+ Buddhist temples, and though quite [læs mere…]

A 150 km Sri Lankan Joyride

Day 5 – 31MAR2014: Polonnaruwa -> Badulla

Distance: 150 km Time on bike: 6h 27m Avg. speed: 23.2 km/h Total: 436 km Altitude: 650 m

Pre-breakfast atmosphere in Polonnaruwa. It’s 8AM and the air is still crisp and cool.

It’s a fantastic day. Sun’s up, traffic is very thin once I hit the [læs mere…]

Elephants & The Holy Rock

Day 4 – 30MAR2014: Dambulla -> Polonnaruwa

Distance (km) : 72 Time on bike: 3h 6m Avg. speed : 23.2 km/h Total (km) : 286 Altitude: 75 m

Ready for take-off at the Sujatha Lodge in Dambulla. Another hot and sunny day is in store.

The Sirigiya Rock is one of the most [læs mere…]

The Heat Is On

Day 3 – 29MAR2014: Chilaw -> Dambulla

Distance (km) : 128 Time on bike: 6h 30m Avg. speed : 19.7 km/h Total (km) : 214 Altitude: Approx. 170 m

Waking up after 10 hours of blissful sleep under the mosquito net feels good.

Just a few kilometres east of Chilaw there’s some weird things [læs mere…]

Back in the Tropics!

Day 2 – 28MAR2014: Negombo/Colombo Int’l Airport -> Chilaw Distance (km) : 86 Time on bike: 4h 26m Avg. speed : 19.2 km/h Total (km) : 86 Altitude: 2 m

Thanks to the lack of sleep on the airplane last night, I’m super tired on the bike all day, and several times I literally [læs mere…]

Denmark -> Sri Lanka (via Qatar)

Time for a new adventure. Sri Lanka by bike. 13 days. Solo. No camping. No laptop. No specific plans. With my 9 kg Koga carbon road bike. Should be good fun.

On board the Boeing 787 Dreamliner…

Arriving at 3.30AM in a foreign country either seems a) very late at night or b) [læs mere…]