Cape Verde By Kick Scooter...


New wheels!

NEW WHEELS: ‚ÄĘ Say hello to my new best friend. The super slick Kostka Rebel Max Fold – a 6.6 kg sexy and foldable kick scooter ūüõī. ‚ÄĘ This model was made-to-order (I even got to pick the colour) at the Kostka factory in the Czech Republic and [l√¶s mere…]

SOLO - the book

BOOK ARRIVAL: The 4th edition of my book ‚ÄúSOLO – 4 YEARS AROUND THE WORLD BY BIKE‚ÄĚ arrived the other day! ūüėõ Yihaa!

More info about and how to get the book here.

Please note: The book’s in Danish. No English translation planned.

[l√¶s mere…]

100 days in Cuba

Last year around this time (August 2017) I was offered a job opportunity on Cuba that I simply couldn’t resist: The Danish travel agency C&C Travel was about to start doing a number of 14-days group bicycle journeys in western Cuba, and were looking for a tourleader. I’d [l√¶s mere…]

Around Corsica by Bike 2018 (visuals)

In June 2018 I went to Corsica in the Mediterranean, rented a bicycle and cycled around the island. It was a stunning fortnight on one of my favourite islands in the world.

Below is a visual rundown of the anti-clockwise journey around the island (navigate via right/left arrows [l√¶s mere…]

Gruppecykelrejse til Marokko (november 2018)

Det er med uforbeholden gl√¶de og stolthed, at jeg – i samarbejde med Panorama Travel – igen i √•r kan pr√¶sentere denne 17-dages gruppecykelrejse til Marokkos fantastiske Atlas-region. Det gl√¶der jeg mig meget til – og du er hjertens velkommen til at tage med…

– Afrejse K√łbenhavn – [l√¶s mere…]

Tourplan 2018

09. oktober 2018, kl. 14.00-16.00 Skovlunde Sogns M√łdreklub Skovlunde Kirke, Lundebjergg√•rdsvej 3A, 2740 Skovlunde Foredrag: CARIBIEN RUNDT P√Ö L√ėBEHJUL


10. oktober 2018, kl. 19.30 – 21.30 Silkeborg H√łjskole Platanvej 12, 8600 Silkeborg Foredrag: JORDEN RUNDT P√Ö CYKEL


16. oktober [l√¶s mere…]

NEW DOCU 2018: Journey to Odessa (part 2)

Part 2 of the little documentary about my journey to Odessa back in April-May 2017 is out!

Volume up. HD on. And come with me to Odessa… ūüôā

NEW DOCUMENTARY: Journey to Odessa (part 1)

Without any fuss or further ado – here’s what I’ve been working on lately.

This is the first installment of a two-part documentary about my 2.100 km solo bike ride from Copenhagen (Denmark) to Odessa (Ukraine) by the Black Sea…

Please press the PLAY icon below and wait [l√¶s mere…]

PHOTO ALBUM: Best of Iceland by Bike 2017

Below is a photo album with some of the highlights of my early-summer ride around Iceland, June 2017.

I rode clockwise around the island, starting and finishing at the Keflavik Airport in the south-western part of the island. I camped all nights (except for a hostel in Akureyri), [l√¶s mere…]

PHOTO ALBUM: Best of Odessa 2017

Below is a photo album with some of the highlights (and low points) of my spring time ride (with mostly wintry temps.) from Copenhagen to Odessa by the Ukrainian Black Sea Coast back in April-May 2017.

The route: Copenhagen -> Sweden -> Lithuania (by ferry) -> Poland [l√¶s mere…]

THE STATS: Moroccan High Atlas by bike (Nov 2017)


The bike journey in Morocco‚Äôs High Atlas Mountains is over, and I‚Äôm back in Denmark, summing up what has truly been one heck of a fantastic journey, socially/scenically/physically/gastronomically/meteorologically…

These are the stats & numbers:

‚ÄĘDistance pedaled: [l√¶s mere…]

Flashback: Politiken 2009 – “Forelsket i hele verden”

7 år med foredrag...

Siden jeg i sommeren 2010 – med pr√¶stationst√łr hals og nerv√łs mave – for f√łrste gang offentligt berettede om min jordomrejse p√• cykel, har jeg afholdt mere end 350 foredrag i Danmark. At f√• lov til at bes√łge – for mig ellers ukendte – afkroge af [l√¶s mere…]

Kom med på cykelrejse til Marokko...

Jeg begyndte at arbejde med og tilrettelægge denne gruppecykelrejse i foråret,

og jeg har gl√¶det mig enormt meget til at s√¶tte den i s√łen. Det er mig derfor en forn√łjelse –

i samarbejde med kyndige Panorama Travel – nu at kunne [l√¶s mere…]

Around Iceland by Bike (June 2017)

Below the photo album is the stats of my recent solo bike journey around magnificent Iceland…

Most beautiful cycling: Southern West Fjords (Route 60), East Fjords (Routes 92/96 SE of Egilssta√įir), south-east Iceland between Dj√ļpivogur and H√∂fn (Route 1).

Longest distance without shower: [l√¶s mere…]

NEW ADVENTURE: Journey to Odessa2000

Yeah, it’s time to hit the roads again. Check out this little teaser!

Visual highlights from South America...

Here’s a visual 5-minute run-down of my 3 months in South America, from late November 2016 to late February 2017.

Breathe in, volume up, 1080p HD on, and we’re good to go…

[l√¶s mere…]

JYLLANDS-POSTEN: Around the Caribbean by Kick Scooter

In January 2017, the national newspaper ‘Jyllands-Posten’ featured an article (in Danish) about my journey around the Caribbean by kick scooter in November-December 2015.

[l√¶s mere…]

3 months in South America

COUNTDOWN IS OVER! I’ve left Denmark, friends, and winter behind. In Milan now (2 days), and tomorrow I’m headed for South America for the next 3 months. This little video (link below – HD a must) roughly shows the idea behind this winters’ grand journey…

See video here!

[l√¶s mere…]

Article in the outdoor magazine WIDE

Back in March 2016 there was an article in the Danish outdoor magazine WIDE about my journey around the Caribbean by kick scooter. I did a little blah-blah-promo on Facebook about it then, but in case you 1) happen to read Danish, and 2) missed it, you might [l√¶s mere…]

NEW VIDEO: Around Southern Africa by Bike (part 2/2)

This is the second (of 2) video diary installment from my solo bicycle expedition around southern Africa, 5.000 km and 85 days.

This video – until now unpublished – is from the last part of the journey through Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, and eastern South Africa…

[l√¶s mere…]

NEW VIDEO: Around Southern Africa by Bike (part 1/2)

In 2011-2012 I cycled 5.000 km and 85 days solo around southern Africa – through South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, and Lesotho.

This video – in HD1080 and with English subtitles – is from the first part of the journey through western South Africa and Namibia…

[l√¶s mere…]

Walking Across Corsica

In August 2016 I spent a week walking across the spectacularly scenic French Mediterranean island of Corsica. Below is a visual rundown of the walk.

I followed the infamous GR20 – occasionally dubbed as one of the most beautiful and toughest long-distance treks around – from the starting [l√¶s mere…]

The best bike touring destinations...

Need inspiration for your next bicycle adventure? This may be what you need… [l√¶s mere…]

Interview on TV Bella (part 2/2)

This is the second and last part of an interview I did a few weeks back for TV-Bella, a Copenhagen-based, independent, and non-commercial local tv-station. It’s in Danish. HD recommended.

Hostess: Mikie Breum

Wicked Game - a cover of an old classic...

Together with my good friend, Mikkel, I’ve made a cover version of this 1989-classic by Chris Isaak.

It’s a one-take recording at home in my apartment. It was great fun!

PS. Helena Christensen (feat. the original music video) was busy that day, so you’ll have to imagine that [l√¶s mere…]

Interview on TV Bella (part 1/2)

This is the first (of two) part of an interview I did a few weeks back for TV-Bella, a Copenhagen-based, independent, and non-commercial local tv-station. Part 2 was broadcasted yesterday and will pop up on Youtube and here on my site shortly…

And yes, it’s all in Danish. [l√¶s mere…]

Interview on Radio24syv

En eventyrer med handlekraft. Uddannet antropolog som har cyklet jorden rundt p√• 4 √•r. Et sk√łnt og reflekteret menneske jeg kunne tale med i dagevis!

S√•dan pr√¶senterede radiov√¶rt Michelle Hviid vores snak i programmet Hviids Varmestue, som jeg var inviteret indenfor hos fredag den 11. marts [l√¶s mere…]


As far as I remember, I never had a kick scooter as a kid. It never bothered me. I had my purple/red 3-speed second-hand bicycle. But a few months ago – at the age of 39 – I bought myself an adult-sized kick scooter, and started planning my [l√¶s mere…]


Det nye foredrag fra min l√łbehjulsrejse rundt i Caribien er klart!

S√• hvis du er interesseret i at arrangere et foredrag (til virksomheden, klubben, foreningen, institutionen, familiefesten, h√łjskolen, √¶ldrecenteret, biblioteket mm.), er du meget velkommen til at kontakte mig. Jeg har modtagelig for bookinger for s√¶sonen 2016-2017… ūüôā

[l√¶s mere…]


Man skal som bekendt ikke v√¶re bleg for at gentage en succes, og derfor har jeg sammen med Jysk Rejsebureau valgt at s√¶tte en ny cykelrejse til Bali & Lombok p√• plakaten. Det foreg√•r til september 2016. Jeg gl√¶der mig allerede voldsomt til et indonesisk gensyn og til [l√¶s mere…]

Cykelrejse til Sri Lanka i foråret 2016

Jeg var sidste √•r (april 2014) p√• Sri Lanka, hvor jeg over et par uger cyklede 1.000 km rundt p√• √łen p√• min racercykel – med kun 8 kg bagage.

Sri Lanka charmerede sig √łjeblikkeligt ind p√• mig – og jeg gl√¶der mig personligt enormt til at [l√¶s mere…]

Running Sicily - a short movie

I’ve made a little video from my running trip to Sicily. It’s short (2’29”), the soundtrack is tacky, and it’s all made on my iPhone…

English subtitles available. HD is a must.

– 0 fixed plans – 1 pair of running shoes – 2 shirts – 4 kg [l√¶s mere…]

Eastern Winter - a new mini video from Jordan & Myanmar

Last winter (NOV2014-FEB2015) I spent 3 months traveling in Israel, Jordan, Myanmar, and Thailand.

For a change, I left my favourite gadgets (bike and SLR camera) at home, and travelled by bus, train, rental bike, plane, scooter, boat, and on foot – and documented it all using only [l√¶s mere…]

Interview for Radio Playback

I’ve made an interview for Radio Playback (spoiler alert: It includes talk about my love for bike touring).

It’s a long one. 75 minutes.

The action (it’s all in Danish, unfortunately) starts after 10 min.

I got to pick the music…


[l√¶s mere…]

Ireland by Bike - the stats

Most beautiful cycling: R574 (Healy Pass), R335 (Killary Fjord), Sky Road Loop (Connemara), R115 (Wicklow Mountains).

Longest distance without shower: 520 km (from Galway -> Belfast). Stinky boy, yes, indeed!

Total distance cycled: [l√¶s mere…]

Ireland by Bike - Route Map

Here’s an interactive route map of my 1.400 km solo bike ride around Ireland. I started the journey in Dublin, Ireland (April 16, 2015) and finished in Belfast, Northern Ireland (April 28, 2015). 12 cycling days (avg. 117 km/day). 1 rest day (in Galway).

Photos and short [l√¶s mere…]

Mule trekking in Morocco's High Atlas Mountains

In May and September this year, I’ll be guiding/tour leading two 8-day mule treks in Morocco’s stunning Atlas Mountains.

Climbing (or rather trekking to the top of) Mount Toubkal (4.168 m) – the highest mountain in North Africa – is just one of a series of highlights on [l√¶s mere…]

Skal du med på cykelrejse?

Jeg har glædet mig meget til at præsentere denne nye cykelrejse til Bali & Lombok, som jeg har lavet sammen med de gode folk i Jysk Rejsebureau.

Det kribler allerede i benene, det rumler i maven og jeg har – med en slet skjult fynsk beskedenhed [l√¶s mere…]